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GitHub Security

Secure your software supply chain

Avoid adding new vulnerabilities with dependency review. Your software is more than the code you have written. With up to 94% of active repositories relying on open source, you rely on many components you didn’t produce, but which you still need to secure.

Get notified of new vulnerabilities

Keep your dependencies up-to-date and optimized and get updates on new vulnerabilities affecting your specific dependencies with Dependabot.

Review changes

Review dependency changes in relevant context like pull requests and issues

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Fix vulnerabilities

Fix vulnerable dependencies by raising pull requests with security updates

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Keep the packages you use updated to the latest versions

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Know what’s in your environment

Identify your dependencies, dependents, and their properties to understand your software supply chain.

List of dependencies defined in pypi/requirements.txt
Popup displaying "Improper input validation in PyPAML" with button "Review security update"

Identify all your project's dependencies

Discover your dependencies using GitHub’s dependency graph, including transitive dependencies.

Fix and publish vulnerability information

Review, fix and publish issues securely. Contribute and refer to a curated, open-source database of vulnerabilities.

GitHub Advisory Database displaying 15,960 advisories total, displaying 5.
Heading "Remote code injection in Log4j" displaying remediation advice

Get involved through GitHub Security Lab

Develop a private fix and publish an advisory about a vulnerability in your project, and share your reporting and disclosure policy with the world.

Secure software from the start

Whether you’re contributing to an open source project or choosing new tools for your team, your security needs are covered.

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Best practices for more secure software

Developer-first application security

Take an in-depth look at the current state of application security.

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The government agency's guide to DevSecOps

Learn how to write more secure code from the start with DevSecOps.

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Avoid AppSec pitfalls

Explore common application security pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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