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Healthcare solutions

Empower healthcare development with a secure, AI-powered platform

By incorporating AI into developer workflows, you can build secure patient care solutions at scale.

Build secure healthcare solutions in a single, integrated, enterprise-ready platform that keeps developers in their productivity-and-comfort zone.

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Enhance patient care

Facilitate rapid innovation with AI-powered workflows, so you can implement the latest technologies more reliably. 

Unlock engineering potential

Empower developer collaboration, productivity, and creativity at scale by eliminating the need for third-party tools.  

Streamline healthcare development

Focus on delivering impactful patient outcomes by working on a single, secure, AI-powered platform.

Protect patient data

Create more secure healthcare applications by detecting vulnerabilities in your codebase and preventing credentials from being exposed.

Automate manual tasks

Make life easier for developers. Reduce time-to-market and improve responsiveness to patients and stakeholders by using enterprise-ready, scalable CI/CD.

Drive healthcare innovation with AI

By enabling your developers to code up to 55% faster, you can stay ahead of advancements and innovate services while remaining secure and compliant.

How Doctolib improved efficiency by more than 80%

See how the growing healthcare giant streamlined collaboration and drove digital transformation with GitHub Actions.

Healthcare organizations want a service that provides a world-class experience for patients and improves people’s lives. GitHub helps us meet and exceed those expectations.
David TerolProgram director at the Philips Software Center of Excellence

DevOps strategies for healthcare innovation, amplified by GitHub

Trusted by 90% of the Fortune 100, GitHub helps millions of developers and companies collaborate, build, and deliver secure software faster. And with thousands of DevOps integrations, developers can build smarter with the tools they know from day one—or discover new ones.

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By bringing people, processes, and products together, DevOps enables development teams to continuously deliver value.

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